Service Fees

Fees Associated with New Standard Service (New Tap)

Membership Fee $100.00
Installation of Service Fee (1) $850.00
Capital Improvement Fee $6,000.00
Total $6,950.00

Fees Associated with Special Services

Transfer Fee $25.00
Return Check Fee $25.00
History Report Fee $10.00
Reconnect Fee $60.00
Service Trip Fee $30.00
Meter Test Fee $25.00

Fees Associated with Re-service

On property where service previously existed, the Membership Fee plus cost necessary to restore service to current installation standards of the Corporation, the Monthly Service Availability Charge for the number of months the service has been inactive will be charged, but the total of such charges shall not exceed the total cost of a New Standard Service (New Tap).

Fees Associated with Non-standard Service

The service requirements, as prescribed by Section F of the Tariff, are required prior to providing service. Non-standard Service is defined as a larger than standard meter or when additions to the system are required to provide service.

Special Notice

No more than one residential, commercial, or industrial service connection is allowed per meter. Any unauthorized submetering or diversion of service shall be considered a Multiple Connection and subject to disconnection of service. If the Corporation has a sufficient reason to believe a Multiple Connection exists, the Corporation shall discontinue service under the Disconnection with Notice provisions of the Tariff.

(1) Applicable when service connection is in close proximity to the water distribution line, i.e. not on opposite side of roadway. if service connection is on opposite side of roadway, or if a line extension or other system improvements are required (Non-Standard Service) to reach location where service is needed, the Installation of Service fee will be $550.00 plus the cost to construct the service location.